Faculty Technology Development Update For Week of Sept. 7-12


My Hours This Week:

Drop-in Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 12:30 pm-2:00 pm in the HEDCO Technology Support Center (Brennan 80).
Make appointments in advance or drop-in.

Appointment Only Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Mac Tip of the Week: Docking a Program!

Are there programs (applications) that you regularly use that aren’t in your dock and what is the dock anyway?

The Dock

The Dock

The dock is much like the Desktop in Windows. It provide shortcuts to your most used applications.  When you first get a Mac, the Dock comes with a default set of shortcuts, but it is likely some of your favorite applications aren’t included.

To add applications to your Dock, follow these easy steps.

Special Projects:

Do you have a special project that you would like to share? Please send them my way and I will post them here!
I would also be happy to provide assistance  to get your project rolling!

After last week’s newsletter, Christian Aviles-Scott, Adjunct Mathematics Professor, shared his special project:

“This semester, my 7:45am section of Math C: Algebra I Workshop is exclusively using an online learning and assessment system called ALEKS. (www.aleks.com) As opposed to the traditional textbook / lecture / homework math class, this class uses artificially-intelligent assessments to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each student, and then teaches only those skills that need remediation. Because every student has different needs and will be studying something different at any moment, my role has changed from lecturer to private tutor. At the end of the semester, both my ALEKS class and my traditional class will take the same final exam so that we can statistically compare the success of ALEKS. After we’ve experimented with the system for a few semesters or years, there is the potential to have HNU’s first completely online math class.”

Thanks for sharing Christian. Please keep us updated!

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