Faculty Technology Development Update – Week of February 20-26


How to Contact Me:

I’m available by appointment 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (where necessary, I can offer support outside those hours).My Contact Information on The Faculty Technology Development Guide

To make an appointment for my services or for other ways to contact me, see the Faculty Technology Development section, located on the left navigation bar on the library website (library.hnu.edu), or go directly to hnu.libguides.com/FacultyDev. This leads to the Faculty Technology Development Guide which has a link to make an appointment with me as well as my full contact information.

Distance Learning Pilot Update : Elluminate Demo

To date, 14 faculty members have volunteered to be part of the Distance Learning Pilot using Elluminate, a product designed to create an interactive online environment optimized for teaching and learning.

Stephanie King, our Elluminate representative, will conduct an online demo for pilot participants  on Tuesday, March 1, 12:30 – 1:30 P.M. (The location details are still being finalized). The session will be recorded for those who can not attend (and for anyone else curious about Elluminate!)

For more details and to participate, see the pilot project invitation.

Tech. Tip of the Week: Wired vs Wireless

Interested in showing a YouTube (or other internet video)  in class? Do you have a guest speaker that is planning on joining class remotely using Skype, iChat, or other  video conferencing software? Here ‘s how to get the best possible performance:

Network Cable

Ethernet Cable

When playing a video on the internet (often referred to as streaming video) or using video

conferencing software, there is more demand placed on network resources. Connecting to the wired network  (instead of the wireless network) will assure the best possible connection.

To connect to the wired network, you will need a network cable, (often referred to as an Ethernet cable).

Ethernet Cable Connected to a MacBook

Ethernet Cable Connected to a MacBook

Need help getting started? I would be happy to schedule a practice session with you!

Ethernet Cable Connected to the Network Data Port

Ethernet Cable Connected to the Network Data Port

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